SENIORWEAR is a premier supplier for quality , affordable apparel. Woven garments make up a large part of SENIORWEAR business.

    Founded in HangZhou (2 hours from SHANGHAI) in 1992.,SENIORWEAR is today a manufacturer from a trading company. With the SENIORWEAR production base, we are offering our customers the efficient service, quality products and prompt delivery at very competitive prices. We are proud to say we could be the best supplier for surfwear in China.

    Land:40000 M2
    Machine:450 sewing machines of top quality.
    Worker: over 600.
    Sewing area:6000 M2
    Finishing Room: 2100 M2
    Show Room:2500 M2
    Capacity monthly: 150,000PCS

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    we know well the show room is important for our customers to display what we have done and what we are doing. Lots of the customers get the new idea from our collections .Every season they will see many exciting new items. But we never sell the same design /style to the same market with respect to the existing customer in the same area.

Fabric collections:
    To meet the customers new requirement, we have one huge fabric collections with different new quality/design .Normally 40-50 meters available for each col/item which makes the customers easily to make decision to create new own collections in available fabrics.

    ISO14400 are adopted to guarantee the quality under control from the very beginning to packing and delivery.

    All communications between the customers and the factory by the specialized merchandiser are using electronic communications to make sure all follow ups are efficient, clear, and quick response.


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